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Publications of Katalin Szitár

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  • Szitár, K., Deák, B., Halassy, M., Steffen, C. & Batáry, P. 2022. Combination of organic farming and flower strips in agricultural landscapes - A feasible method to maximise functional diversity of plant traits related to pollination. - Global Ecology and Conservation 38: e02229 pdf


  • Kröel-Dulay, Gy., Mojzes, A., Szitár, K., Bahn, M., Batáry P., et al. (21 authors) 2022. Field experiments underestimate aboveground biomass response to drought. - Nature Ecology & Evolution 6:540-545. pdf

  • Cevallos, D., Szitar, K., Halassy, M., Kövendi-Jakó, A., & Török, K. 2021. Does seed trait variability support preliminary seed transfer zones for Hungary? - Applied Ecology and Environmental Research, 19: 4129-4149. pdf

  • Llumiquinga, Y. B., Reis, B. P., Sáradi, N., Török, K., Szitár, K., & Halassy, M. 2021. Long-term results of initial seeding, mowing and carbon amendment of the restoration of Pannonian sand grassland on old-fields - Tuexenia 41: 361-379. pdf

  • Halassy, M., Kövendi‐Jakó, A., Reis, B., Szitár, K., Seyidova, Z., & Török, K. 2021. N immobilization treatment revisited: a retarded and temporary effect unfolded in old field restoration - Applied Vegetation Science, 24: e12555. pdf

  • Orbán, I., Szitár, K., Kalapos, T. & Kröel-Dulay, Gy. 2021. The role of disturbance in invasive plant establishment in a chaging climate: insights froma drought experiment. - Biological Invasions, Online. pdf

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  • KövendiJakó, A., Szitár, K., Halassy, M., Halász, K., Mojzes, A. & Török, K. 2021. Effect of seed storing duration and sowing year on the seedling establishment of grassland species in xeric environments. - Restoration Ecology, Early View. pdf

  • Ónodi, G., Kertész, M., Lengyel, A., Pándi, I., Somay, L., Szitár, K. & KröelDulay, G. 2021. The effects of woody plant encroachment and wildfire on plant species richness and composition: Temporal changes in a forest–steppe mosaic. - Applied Vegetation Science e12546 pdf

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  • Cseresnyés, I., Rajkai, K., Szitár, K., Radimszky, L., Ónodi, G. & Kröel-Dulay, G. 2020. Root capacitance measurements allow non-intrusive in-situ monitoring of the seasonal dynamics and drought response of root activity in two grassland species. - Plant and Soil 449: 423–437. pdf

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  • Kövendi-Jakó, A., Halassy, M., Csecserits, A., Hülber, K., Szitár, K., Wrbka, T. & Török, K. 2019. Three years of vegetation development worth 30 years of secondary succession in urban-industrial grassland restoration. - Applied Vegetation Science 22: 138–149. pdf

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