Centre for Ecological Research

Institute of Ecology and Botany 

"Lendület" Landscape and Conservation Ecology

Collaboration partners

Important foreign partnerships include (but not limited to):

Brandenburg University of Technology, Ecology

Klaus Birkhofer

University of Turin, Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology 

Dan Chamberlain 

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Department of Agriculture, Ecotrophology, and Landscape Development 

Christina Fischer 

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Institute of Zoology 

Thomas Frank 

University of Hohenheim, Ecology of Tropical Agricultural Systems  

Ingo Grass

Wageningen University, Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation 

David Kleijn 

Mendel University in Brno, Department of Forest Protection and Wildlife Management 

Ondřej Košulič 

University of Witwatersrand, School of Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences 

Chevonne Reynolds

University of Goettingen, Agroecology 

Teja Tscharntke