Centre for Ecological Research

Institute of Ecology and Botany

"Lendület" Landscape and Conservation Ecology


2022-2024: Bilateral S&T cooperation South Africa: Effect of habitat fragmentation of mosaic habitats on biodiversity in global North and South (Péter BATÁRY)

2022-2023 Happybee MSCA: Impact of landscape on the distribution of insect pollinators (Riho Marja)

2021-2025 BugNet: A global collaborative research network that aims to better understand the impact of invertebrate herbivores and pathogenic fungi on plant communities and ecosystems (Péter Batáry)

2021-2023 Mowing experiment: Impact of unmown grass strips on arthropods (Róbert Gallé)

2021-2024 FunProd BiodivERsA: Relationships between functional diversity and food production and quality under ecological intensification (Péter Batáry)

2020-2025 Showcase H2020: SHOWCASing synergies between agriculture, biodiversity and Ecosystem services to help farmers capitalising on native biodiversity (Péter Batáry)

2020 - 2025 Frontline research excellence: Biodiversity under agricultural and urbanization constrains (Péter Batáry)

2020- 2023 Széchenyi 2020: Invasive plant management of wetlands with Hungarian grey cattle and water buffalo (Katalin Szitár)

2019 - 2023 COST Action: An integrated approach to conservation of threatened plants for the 21th century (Katalin Szitár)

2018 - 2023 MTA ÖK Lendület 2018: Need of paradigm shift in nature conservation: considering the effect of landscape structure on biodiversity patterns and functions (Péter Batáry)

2017 - 2022 NKFI 2017: The role of small habitat patches and secondary habitats in conserving diversity (Róbert Gallé)

2016 - 2020 MTA ÖK GINOP 2016: Sustainable use of ecosystem services - research for mitigating the negative effect of climate change, land use change and biological invasion (Péter Batáry)