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News - 2024

Publication: Riho's co-authored article has been published in the Global Ecology and Conservation with the title: "Home ranges and hatching success of threatened Eurasian curlew in north-eastern Europe relates to habitat type: Natural vs. agricultural landscapes". We showed that breeding success is higher for curlews breeding in bogs than in grasslands. February 2024

Publication: Our paper with Riho's first authorship has been published in Journal of Environmental Management with the title: "Quantifying potential trade-offs and win-wins between arthropod diversity and yield on cropland under agri-environment schemes – A meta-analysis". We found higher species richness and abundace of arthropods in agri-environment scheme subsidised fields compared to control ones, but for the cost of lower yields, which was less compromised in out-of-production schemes, such as flower strips. February 2024

Conference: Our Institute at the Centre for Ecological Research organized the XIV. conference on Actual Flora and Vegetation Research in the Carpathian Basin in Gödöllő, where Kata gave a talk about the plant diversity in villages in semi-natural and agricultural landscapes based on our Frontline project research. February 2024. 

Meeting: Our group has visited the Plant Protection Institute of the Centre for Agricultural Research in Budapest, where we presented five agroecological talks in the frame of a joint mini-conference. January 2024

Publication: Péter’s co-authored paper has been published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences: “Distance functions of carabids in crop fields depend on functional traits, crop type and adjacent habitat: a synthesis”. We found that carabid assemblages in agricultural landscapes are driven by the complex interplay of crop types, adjacent non-crop habitats and further landscape parameters with great potential for targeted agroecological management. January 2024

Talk: Kitti gave an introductory talk about her previous and actual works at the 'Plant-animal interactions and environmental change' lab led by Chuan-Kai Ho, at Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, National Taiwan University. January 2024.