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"Lendület" Landscape and Conservation Ecology

Publications of Ágota Szabó

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  • Gallé, R., Korányi, D., Tölgyesi, Cs., Lakatos, T., Marcolin, F., Török, E., Révész, K., Szabó, Á.R., Torma, A., Gallé-Szpisjak, N., Marja, R., Szitár, K., Deák, B. & Batáry, P. 2022. Landscape-scale connetctivity and fragment size determine species composition of grassland fragments. - Basic and Applied Ecology 65: 39-49.. pdf

  • Szabó, Á.R., Ernst, L.M., Gallé, R. & Batáry, P. 2022. Grassland type and presence of management shape butterfly functional diversity in agricultural and forested landscapes. - Global Ecology and Conservation 35: e02096 pdf


  • Kuli-Révész, K., Korányi, D., Lakatos, T., Szabó, Á.R., Batáry, P. & Gallé, R. 2021. Smaller and isolated grassland fragments are exposed to stronger seed and insect predation in habitat edges. - Forests 12: 103670. pdf


  • Gallé, R., Szabó, Á., Császár, P. & Torma, A. 2018. Spider assemblage structure and functional diversity patterns of natural forest steppes and exotic forest plantations. - Forest Ecology and Management 411: 234–239. abstract