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Publications of Riho Marja

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  • Pederson, R., Bocher, P., Garthe, S., Fort, J., Mercker, M., Auernhammer, V., Boschert, M., Delaporte, P., Elts, J., Fiedler, W., Korniluk, M., Krupinski, D., Marja, R., Rousseau, P., Theiss, L., & Schwemmer, P. Bird migration in space and time: chain migration by Eurasian curlew Numenius arquata arquata along the East Atlantic Flyway. - Journal of Avian Biology pdf


  • Marja, R., Tscharntke, T., Batáry, P. 2022. Increasing landscape complexity enhances species richness of farmland arthropods, agri-environment schemes also abundance – A meta-analysis. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 326: 107822 pdf corrigendum


  • Marja, R., Klein, A-M., Viik, E. & Batáry, P. 2021. Environmentally-friendly and organic management practices enable complementary diversification of plant–bumblebee food webs. - Basic and Applied Ecology 53: 164–174. pdf


  • Jiguet, F., …, Marja, R. (42 Authors) 2019. Desert crossing strategies of migrant songbirds vary between and within species. - Scientific Reports 9: (20248). pdf

  • Marja, R., Kleijn, D., Tscharntke, T., Klein, A.-M., Frank, T. & Batáry, P. 2019. Effectiveness of agri-environmental management on pollinators is moderated more by ecological contrast than by landscape structure or land-use intensity. - Ecology Letters 22: 1493–1500. abstract

  • Jiguet, F., …, Marja, R. (31 Authors). 2019. Unravelling migration connectivity reveals unsustainable hunting of the declining ortolan bunting. - Science Advances 5: (5).10.1126/sciadv.aau2642. pdf


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  • Marja, R., Viik, E., Mänd, M., Phillips, J., Klein, A.M. & Batáry, P. 2018. Crop rotation and agri-environment schemes determine bumblebee communities via flower resources. - Journal of Applied Ecology 55: 1714–1724. abstract

  • Herzon, I., Marja, R., Le Viol, I., Menshikova, S. & Kondratyev, A. 2018. Applying trait-based community metrics of relevance to conservation for understanding community patterns of farmland birds in Northwest Russia - Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 259: 53–60. pdf


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  • Marja, R., Herzon, I., Rintala, J.N., Tiainen, J. & Seimola, T. 2013. Drainage type in agriculture modifies habitat value of fields for farmland birds. - Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 165: 184–189. abstract

  • Marja, R., Uuemaa, E., Mander, Ü., Elts, J. & Truu, J. 2013. Landscape pattern and census area as determinants of the diversity of farmland avifauna in Estonia. - Regional Environmental Change 13: 1013–1020. pdf

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