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Publications of Róbert Gallé

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  • Szabó, Á.R., Ernst, L.M., Gallé, R. & Batáry, P. 2022. Grassland type and presence of management shape butterfly functional diversity in agricultural and forested landscapes. - Global Ecology and Conservation 35: e02096 pdf

  • Gallé, R., Tölgyesi, Cs., Torma, A., Bátori, Z., Lőrinczi, G., Szilassi, P., Gallé-Szpisjak, N., Kaur, H., Makra, T., Módra, G. & Batáry, P. 2022. Matrix quality and habitat type drive the diversity pattern of forest steppe fragments. - Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation 20: 60-68. pdf

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  • Török, E., Zieger, S., Rosenthal, J., Földesi, R., Gallé, R., Tscharntke, T. & Batáry, P. 2021. Organic farming supports lower pest infestation, but fewer natural enemies than flower strips. - Journal of Applied Ecology 58: 2277-2286. pdf

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  • Szilassi, P., Csikós, N., Gallé, R. & Szép, T. 2019. Recent and predicted changes in habitat of the Eurasian Skylark Alauda arvensis based on the link between the land cover and the field survey based abundance data. - Acta Ornithologica 54: 59–71. abstract

  • Gallé, R., Samu, F., Zsigmond, A-R., Gallé-Szpisjak, N. & Urák, I. 2019. Even the smallest habitat patch matters: on the fauna of peat bogs. - Journal of Insect Conservation 23: 699–705. pdf

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