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Publications of Patrícia Andresz-Dérer

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  • Dodson, J., Dérer, P., Cafaro, P. & Götmark, F. 2022. Population growth, family planning and the Paris Agreement: an assessment of the nationally determined contributions (NDCs). - International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law & Economics 22: 561-576. pdf


  • Dodson, JC., Dérer, P., Cafaro, P. & Götmark, F. 2020. Population, growth and climate change: Addressing the overlooked threat multiplier. - Science of the Total Environment 748: 141346. pdf


  • Cafaro, P. & Dérer, P. 2019. Policy-based population projections for the European Union: a complementary approach. - Comparative Population Studies 44. 44. pdf